NiLAB GmbH is a successful company in the Automation Industry, founded in Austria, in Carinthia. It is focused on the research and development, the design, the production and the distribution of linear systems for industrial applications.

One of our strengths is the development of innovative products which meet the requirements of the market.

Our Philosophy

Think Electric…
…is our motto and the reason why we dedicate ourselves to linear electrical actuators. We are sure that they are the best alternative to traditional technologies such as pneumatic actuators in terms of energy saving and performances.

Our Services

NiLAB offers a 360-degree-customer support: from consulting to engineering services. Our goal is to design and to produce innovative linear actuators: from the feasibility study to pre-series-samples and to the production.

Technical Support

In cooperation with our partners, our customers have access to an international network with pre- and after-sales support. We offer to our customers tele- or on-site-assistance.


Our products respect the ISO, CE and ROHS standards. All our motors are fully tested and equipped with the report of the test. Our testing department has the full traceability of every component which has been used.

CO2 Kg per year saved per single axis
Times smaller than a 5-Euro banknote
Times faster than piezotechnology
Problems to start and maintain



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NiLAB released an innovative app for Android devices for all our customers. Using this tool, you can size the linear motor for your application by specifying payload and motion profile. NiSmart will size your linear motor (tubular, ironcore flat or miniature type) doing thermal, electrical and energy simulation. NiSmart is a linear motor sizing tool for Android with the following features:

  • Full trajectory planner with different motion profiles (sine, polynomial, trapezoidal and others)
  • Full motor sizing with current, voltage, force and thermal simulation

The app users can fill in the data about the operative conditions like payload, external forces, ambient temperature, axis tilt, servo drive power supply level, friction force. Furthermore, users can filter by motor type and select the linear guide system to be used. After this, users can define the motion profile (cam) using different options on the trajectory types. Finally, the tool will propose a list of compatible motors with different colours (white indicates a motor load from 0% to 60%, green from 60% to 80% and red from 80% to 100%). Selecting the motor from this list, the users will get the complete parameter list and safety margins with a drawing about the motor dimensions.

Think Electric

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