Project Description

The XtrapulsEasy 60VDC DB servo drive is a pluggable module of the XtrapulsEasy.

60VDC range running with a voltage between 24VDC and 60VDC. This extremely compact and light product (60x60mm) also offers an excellent resistance to vibrations.

This feature makes it particularly suited for embedded applications such as automatic
guided vehicles (AGV).

XtrapulsEasy 60 VDC DB


  • Very compact pluggable servo drive module
  • CANopen® DS301, DS402
  • Resolver or incremental encoder feedback
  • Sensorless


  • Project manager
  • Commissioning wizard
  • Multiaxis configuration and diagnostic

Power stage

  • IGBT power stage
  • Maximum current: 45Arms / 60VDC


  • RS 232, CANopen®
  • Digital and analog I/Os

Data Sheet


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