Project Description

XtrapulsCD1 is a family of configurable multi-purpose AC servo-drives for the solution of very dynamic and accurate regulation or common tasks. The wide power range and the numerous interfaces make them highly suited for the use in various types of machines and installations.

XtrapulsCD1 configurable AC servo-drive


  • Multi-purpose AC servo-drives
  • Configurable standard modes of operation
  • Resolver and encoder feedback


  • Setup assistant
  • Auto-tuning
  • Motor libraries
  • Oscilloscope

Power stage

  • AC or DC supply
  • IGBT power stage
  • Dynamic braking
  • Integrated EMC filters
  • Maximum current
  • 16.5 A / 230 V … 90 A / 480 V


  • RS-232
  • Various fieldbuses
  • Digital and analog I/Os

Product details


Catalogue Sheet XtrapulsCD1 AC servo-drives

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