Project Description

The R series linear motors are the technological development of the L series Ironcore linear motors for applications with highest dynamic performances. While in the L series the winding is moving, in the R series the magnet, which has been optimized in terms of weight and geometry, is moving. In this way, if windings with a length up to 896 mm are combined with magnets with lengths of 64, 128, 256 and 512 a mechanical stroke from 384 up to 832 mm can be reached. With this kind of technology accelerations up to 30 G with loads of 5 kg can be reached, without moving cables. For continuous operation models with integrated watercooling system are available. The linear axis which integrates this technology is compact with highest reliability. It is usually used to replace cam mechanism raising up the performance and reducing the needed space.

Catalog sheet Ironcore Serie R

Catalogue Sheet Ironcore Serie R

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