Project Description

NiLAB EPULSE360 is a low voltage servo drive for battery powered applications.

It’s able to provide a large amount of current up to 300 Ampere with a maximum installed power of 4.7kW.

Thanks to its compact design it can be integrated also in smallest spaces without performance loss. With this drive you receive the best price-performance-ratio.

low voltage servo drive


  • Intelligent and flexible control of the motors thanks to its compatibility with different types of encoder feedback: hallsensor, resolver, incremental ABZ + Hall, SIN/COS
  • Different control options: analogic, CANOPEN DS402
  • Compact sizes for applications with vibrations and shocks
  • Regenerative hardware / software ready
  • Power supply from 20 to 75 VDC (nominal 48 VDC)
  • Nominal current of 100 A, peak current of 240 A for 2 minutes and of 300 A for 10 seconds
  • PWN frequency 16 kHz
  • 2 programmable digital inputs and outputs
  • 1 CAN interface
  • 2 serial interfaces for programming and diagnostic
  • 3 temperature sensors


  • Flexible and efficient software algorithm
  • Customizable firmware
  • Control for standard brushless motors and for motors with many polpairs
  • Datalogging
  • CanOPEN DS402 compatible
  • Accelerometer, goniometer and tiltmeter compatible

Solutions and applications

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