Project Description

The dual axis linear motion stage NLXY is designed for testing sensors and for simulating seismic events. The system can reproduce accelerations up to 2 G with a payload of 10 kg. Every motor is provided with a high-resolution encoder to guarantee sub-micrometric resolutions and micrometric repeatability. The standard stroke of the two axes is 100 mm. Each axis is guided by linear guideways that guarantee the necessary rigidity of the axes. Thanks to the use of Ironcore linear motors with moving magnet there is only a minimum number of cables in movement. Therefore, the movement is silent and reliable. On the top of the platform there is a matrix of fi xing holes to fi x the product under test easily and fast. Together with the table can be provided the drives which can be used with different fi eldbuses: EtherCAT, CANopen, Profibus. The characteristics of the motors are: for the top a peak force of 1252 N and for the bottom a peak force of 2500 N.

dual axis linear motion stage NLXY
Catalogue Sheet Dual Axis Linear motion stage

Catalogue Sheet NLXY

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